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Cirque Dreams Holidaze Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 54



5.0 star rating Kj from Detroit, Michigan


Awesome awesome show. My children were mesmerized by the performances.

5.0 star rating Karen E. D. Thompson from Newark, Delaware


Excellent show! DuPonti Theatre was a perfect setting for a perfect performance! Hope they will perform again here at the DuPont Theatre!

5.0 star rating T. Duke-Pakus from Boston, Massachusetts


It was totally spectacular - the singing was INCREDIBLE! Singing at Cirque? YES! Amanda Higgins rendition of Oh Holy Night was unbelievable! I had an amazing time! I want to go back!

5.0 star rating Brian Snowgold from Howell, Michigan


My wife and I enjoyed every minute of the performance. We would see this again with no regrets. We went as a couple but our son(9) would've loved it, as well our parents. I don't believe any seat would've been a bad one. If you don't know the area, leave early and there is usually a parking fee- about 15.00. which is well worth it.

5.0 star rating Pam Jensen from Seattle, Washington


My son and I absolutely loved it. It was spectacular. I especially liked the O’Holy Nighr rendition . I would definitely go again next year! This is a great show for the whole family. It’s like America’s Got Talent on steroids!

5.0 star rating Cecilia Fusco from Providence, Rhode Island


Simply amazing! Totally mesmerizing my new annual favorite. Totally recommend it for young and old.

4.0 star rating Michelle from Sarasota, Florida


1. The acoustics are worse than ever, you cannot understand one word in the songs. 2. The chosen Christmas songs seemed odd for the performance. When they sang you saw their mouths moving and the sounds coming from the ceiling. It was just horrible. 3.The performance of the actors were good, short in length, not a tru circ performance if thats what you are thinking. Its the costumes, color that made it. Unfortunately the Van Wezel is not a place for Broadway, Tony Bennett, or Holiday shows because the theater is old. It says doors open 1-hr. before the show starts. NOT. it was 25min. before it started and it started late.

4.0 star rating Michael Hantramck Mi from Boston, Massachusetts


3rd year we saw it and not as daring acrobatics as 2017 show. I disagree music needs to be loud it’s most fun part of show. Lotta previous acts were omitted we really loved so in 2017 5 huge stars - this year 4 . And seeing fabulous old style a Fox theater in Detroit a definitel bonus - we’ll still se it again next time and MORE PENGUINS next time please . 😃

4.0 star rating Jim from Boston, Massachusetts


My wife and I attended the Saturday evening showing of Cirque Dreams Holidaze. We didn't know what to expect so we didn't go into the show with any preconceived expectations. Overall I would say the show was entertaining and satisfying but it lack that WOW factor. The performers worked hard and for the most part delivered. I happened to overhear a gentleman in front of me call them the "JV squad". In some ways it was a fair description. They worked hard to put on a show but they weren't quite the A-team. With that being said you can still enjoy the show.

3.0 star rating J from New Brunswick, New Jersey


I really would have enjoyed the show more if it wasn't so loud. I spent almost all of the first half putting my finger in my ear. It was so distracting. The second half didn't seem as bad. Otherwise, if you like acrobatics, you will enjoy this Christmas show. Costumes, set, and entertainers were amazing! Our daughter enjoyed, but she also had her fingers in her ears alot. Its a shame, it would be so much more enjoyable if it wasn't so loud .

3.0 star rating Rooney from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Maybe I'm spoiled, but the show wasn't that impressive...

3.0 star rating JH from Denver, Colorado


very poor space for these talented performers. Ceiling is too low for aerials, acoustics poor, 4 large structural supports block viewing, and floor seating in chairs. For $100 per ticket I would expect stadium seating so you can see over the person in front of you. And definitely NOT a Cirque du Soleil performance.

3.0 star rating Jc from Lexington, Kentucky


Not as captivating as I was hoping…. Some of the chosen songs were off key and didn’t seem like a good choice for the “holiday”….. don’t get me wrong, the cast is very talented but I just expected more. Decent show but I wouldn’t do it again…

3.0 star rating Dan Thomas from Pennsylvania


Really lacks the WOW factor. This is the little brother to Cirque du Soleil, and really is a few steps down in quality. While some performers where very good, overall, it was chaotic.

3.0 star rating ES from Boston, Massachusetts


Like others have said ... it's a random string of performances that seemed pulled straight from "America's Got Talent", except that at this point AGT acts do it much better. I feel ripped off in that they clearly are setting the expectation you are seeing a real Cirque de Soleil performance but you are getting the B or C squad at best for the most part. The entire story/plot made almost no sense as did most of the on-stage performers who were not the "main act" in any of the segments.

3.0 star rating Olena from Wallingford, Connecticut


Three years ago when we saw this show for the first time (Dec 2019) - it was wow! Multi-layered performance, festive costumes and rich decoration on stage, many participants in the show. It was a real holiday show that made your eyes happy. Now, divide all these by three - this is the impression of the show we saw yesterday (December 2022) - just okay level.

3.0 star rating K.C. from Houston, Texas


Will start by saying it was a good way to spend 1.5 hours on Christmas Eve. Very good staged circus performers. Not as advertised. Nothing like the pictures shown to advertise the show. Vocals were pretty terrible.

2.5 star rating Lizzy from Austin, Texas


When I bought the tickets I thought I'd be able tip actually see the show properly. Instead the show is on a small stage about 50 yards away from the seats. Well of course, unless you purchase the expensive seats then you're closer and can see everything up close. What a rip off! The Cedar park center could have made the stage further into the middle of the center and not be greedy to overcharge for floor seats I'm sure!! I was completely disappointed with this whole thing. I felt like we were in a kids play but just sitting a mile away squinting to see the show. The artist were good and the acts were pretty awesome but I rather pay for the real Cirque instead and be able to actually see the show! Blah!

2.0 star rating Anonymous from Detroit, Michigan


This is more of a circus act than a holiday show. Keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed.

2.0 star rating Derek from Nashville, Tennessee


Really disappointing show, we left midway through the second part. This show summed up in a word in my opinion is noisy. It's noisy visually. The set is very distracting, and whenever there is a main act on the stage, there are tons of people and set pieces randomly walking around in the background that add nothing to the show. It's definitely audibly noisy. The music is absolutely blaring and SO repetitive. Repetitive during the show, and then before and during intermission they play the same 2 minute loop of music on repeat. The music during the show is chaotic and overwhelming. There are very few changes to the music, it has the same beat through most of the show and just beats you down over time. There were many mistakes made in the acts, many more than I've seen at other shows. The juggler dropped his items three times, the jump rope guys made multiple mistakes, the roller skaters fell. There was no continuity or explanation for anything. It was a series of circus acts.

2.0 star rating Ellen from Atlanta, Georgia


From seeing other shows at Atlanta’s Fox theater, we thought our center dress circle seats would be great. For Cirque way! The lighting was poor, creating large dark spots on the stage. Even the feature performers could not be seen clearly. Music was...”meh” and choreography felt stiff and amateurish it felt like there were too many props and performers packed onto the stage, restricting movement of the performers. We had hoped this would be a magical kick off to the holiday season. It was not. It was frustrating to watch. We left at intermission.

2.0 star rating Michigan Theatre Goer from Detroit, Michigan


The production company allows patrons to be admitted into the theatre up to 12 minutes after the performance. The Detroit venue was still seating people 20 minutes into the show, so if you show up on time as expected, you will miss the first 20 minutes of the show with the late patrons standing in the aisles, talking, using I phone lights and generally blocking your view. There were at least 100 people that came in late. We sat behind a millennial couple that talked, texted, vaped, took selfies with flash, and recorded the show and kissed throughout the show after coming in 10 minutes late from intermission. The show was pretty good ( the parts we saw) but it was disappointing to spend so much money to deal with rude patrons that the venue does nothing about. Apparently once you spend the money on a ticket, they don’t care what kind of experience you have. I wouldn’t recommend this show.

2.0 star rating J. Rose from Louisville, Kentucky


This wasn’t even close to any Cirque show I have ever seen. It’s basically an America’s got Talent audition. Only a few of the performances reflected the talent of real Cirque shows. And the lead singer was absolutely painful to hear. How can someone with zero ability be chosen with so many talented individuals trying to make it? She must have a major inside track to be on that stage. I would not recommend the venue either. It was so hard to see the stage in the center. We moved to less expensive seats that provided an unobstructed view. If you choose to make yourself miserable seeing this show, go for the cheap seats and you will at least be able to see it.

2.0 star rating Chris from Detroit, Michigan


When you go on Google and search cirque du Soleil Detroit, the first thing that comes up is this Cirque Dreams Holidaze. We assumed this was affiliated with the real thing. It is NOT. I can't believe we spent so much money on tickets and we really should have researched it before hand. This was either the best highschool play I've ever seen or the worst Broadway. The individual acts were very talented but everything else was a hot mess. The choreography was terrible and nobody was in sync. Ended up following the story of the nutcracker while simultaneously not following it at all. My family walked out stunned how bad and chaotic it was. Not a fan.

2.0 star rating Dave M from Jacksonville, Florida


Talented performers with variety of acts. The audio level was painfully loud for the music and distorted the voices, and our seats were in the last row mezzanine. Luckily we had Kleenex which was used as ear plugs. It did seem the acts were not well connected by the thin story line. Some of the acts were impressive due to the clean execution of (what looked like) very difficult athletic performances.

2.0 star rating Rachelle from Detroit, Michigan


Let me start out by saying I have never been to a Cirque show of any kind, so that in and of itself, I was excited for a new experience. The staff at the Fox Theater were very kind, and the building is absolutely gorgeous, I also got to spend an evening out of town with friends. However the rest was highly disappointing at least for me. For one, I paid for a seat I didn’t actually get- while I know the Fox Theater is not handicapped accessible, I was quite upset to find out that had I not brought my wheelchair, I wouldn’t have had an actual seat. What I got, was a $50 spot next to my fiancé and friends, and was positioned on a very steep incline where I had to lock my breaks. I would have preferred the option to have a seat. The venue was not equipped for the type of event it was, the music was loud, almost unintelligible and the performances, while they tried, reminded me of a childrens concert instead of a cirque show. Decent enough for young kids perhaps, but not good for adults.

2.0 star rating DM from Detroit, Michigan


The venue did allow latecomers to be seated during the show, so there was much interruption and blocked views. The show seemed to be a very loose story that was hard to follow. The entertainers were good at what they did, but it did not seem very Holidaze - the music could have been much better.

2.0 star rating Mike from Boston, Massachusetts


Was excited by the cirq du Soleil name, but was very let down. Felt like I was at a highschool talent show, very poor production. Can't fault the performers, just a pure let down. Drove all the way from Boston to CT for the show..complete dud. Best part of the day was the Cannolis I ate on the ride up and the person i came up with. Step it up Cirque !

2.0 star rating Jostrowski from Boston, Massachusetts


Amateurish and against what we know of the Cirque label. Waste of time and money unless you are in elementary school. Lacked toomuch to list, horrible singer, piped in music grated at our ears. I want my money back.

2.0 star rating Taylor from Boston, Massachusetts


This show was not what I expected. The vocals weren't great and it was hard to see what was going on from a higher view. It was the circus meets random holiday music. These performers are talented but not close to what they were hyped up to be. Kids might enjoy this but as an adult, I would not pay money to see this show again.

2.0 star rating Julia from Akron, Ohio


There were some very talented acrobats, however, the way the show was put together was awful, talent-showish. The music was terrible, the main singer was so flat and loud that it distracted from any other talent. The story line made no sense and the way the acts incorporated the acrobats was choppy and confusing. Everything that happened in the first act was sort of re-done in the second. Will not be buying tickets for this again!

2.0 star rating Jane from Providence RI


Very talented acrobatics and circus skills in a mediocre overall presentation. They could have done something much more impressive with the talent they had. Poorly conceptualized. The singer was powerful and off key. Not a great combo. The singer is probably the big contributing factor to all the negative reviews. Could have been so much better and I can’t believe the tickets were $80 for this. It would have been moderately satisfying for $30-40. I expect more wow factor for $80.

2.0 star rating Rob Bohn from Houston, Texas


As a loyal fan of cirque’s other shows I was disappointed at best. Felt like we go the B or C team for this production. My 5 year granddaughter liked it well enough but the 3 year old was asleep at intermission. Save your money for something else

1.0 star rating CHarley from Atlanta, Georgia


There was no Story behind the show. 2 hours of performers taking turns to show their talent show. Very talented performers but The show needs a story. I felt like it was a talent show.. The worst part of the show was the singing and sound. I couldn't tell if it were the jitters or the sound but IF you could understand what they were singing it was patchy and not very good. There were 3 singers with not much of a role to do anything else so they should have blown the crowd away. This show would be great but needs directing and something needs to be done about the songs. We had our 3 year old with us who couldn't get into it.. She passed out after intermission. I wouldn't recommend this show to really anyone.

1.0 star rating Jonas from Denver, Colorado


This was such a horrible production. The acrobatic were on the level of your average street performers, the costumes looked like they had been slapped together from whatever could be salvaged from the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby, the music and as hackneyed and the lyrics unintelligible. There was no story or even thematic consistency during each at. It was all over the place. The cowboy dude...seriously what was that about?? It was like glorified pole dancing. So tacky. I actually lol’ed at that. Don’t waste your money.

1.0 star rating Jennifer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


If you have ever seen the circus soleil do not go to this show. It was clumsy poorly done and not up to the standard of circus soleil. If I knew who to contact to get my money back I would. I was presented as a musical with juggling and freak show contortionist. I have never been more disappointed... BOOOOOOOOO!

1.0 star rating Anonymous from Detroit, Michigan


This show is more like watching a 6th grade talent show. Very painful to look at sometimes. And I cannot believe all the mistakes that were made on stage by multiple... It was like Amateur hour. One of the worst Parts was the gal who was singing... It was painful to the ears. So bad.

1.0 star rating Brad Yoder from Rochester Hills, Michigan


It's a complete waste of time and money.

1.0 star rating Heather from Detroit, Michigan


To state it was a disappointment is an understatement. We purchased 8 tickets, drove almost 2 hours each way, to watch a middle school level talent school. I went back and looked @ the advertisements, photos & videos. What you portrayed verses what we saw was not even close. The costumes were not even close to the same, nor was the makeup or lack there of. The performances were not the same, there were not two people on the rings, or two people on the fabric, no one swung around another person, etc. @ least 3 performers missed their marks on multiple occasions. mistakes happen but this is the cirque brand. the cowbell singing portion was absurd. What a horrible attempt to engage the audience. Further the girl who was singing throughout is not a professional singer. I would also like to add my dissatisfaction with the venue and how they handled the show. The show was 10 minutes late starting, people were constantly getting up and down. A fight broke out.

1.0 star rating Marie from Boston, Massachusetts


This was the absolute worst cirque show ever! Please take my advice and dont waste your money. We wanted to leave at halftime but decided to stay until the end. HORRIBLE performance!!!! Lousy singing, repeating acts, boring! This show should not be called Cirque in any way. Just awful. Please go see another show and dont waste your money.

1.0 star rating Marie from Boston, Massachusetts


Horrible show! Terrible acts, lousy singing, does not at all live up to the Cirque standards. Please save your money because you will ne so disappointed in this show.

1.0 star rating Brooke from Lexington, Kentucky


We were very disappointed in this show. Especially for the amount of money we spent to see this show. I have been to several of your shows and this by far was the worst one yet. Very elementary, couldn’t understand what they were saying, small stage, short show, almost fell asleep.

1.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


After going to this disappointing show I did some research to find out Cirque Dreams has no affiliation w Cirq De Soule..what a rip off and ur money. #save a orca #empty the tanks

1.0 star rating Mrs. Grinch from Boston, Massachusetts


Do not waste the money or your health. The show was equal to a school gymnasium show for elementary students. How dare you charge an astronomical amount for tickets to cram people into a small theater where 2/3 of the audience took there masks off with no one asking them to put them on. Walked out at intermission furious over what was suppose to be a Holiday memory for our family!

1.0 star rating Olga Ryder from Boston, Massachusetts


We've seen many Cirque de Soleil shows and this one was a disappointment. The Shubert Theatre was a poor choice as a venue as the stage is very small. Many of the acts were repetitious. Definitely not CDS material. To add insult to injury, $300. for 2 seats in the rafters!!!! We do not recommend.

1.0 star rating Doreen Nevue from Hartford, Connecticut


Sorry to say the show was very disappointing. I've been to a cirque show before and expected to same quality. The sound was terrible the performers looked like amateurs. Jugglers dropped several times. Wire walkers fell off etc. Almost every act looked had a flub. I brought my whole family for a Christmas gift. This was a expensive night out. Not worth the money. I would not recommend this show.

1.0 star rating Matthew Brant from Dayton, Ohio


This was an absolute production tragedy. There were too many mistakes that the show was amateur at best. There were some talented individuals, but the ones that could not complete their act ruined the show. Many of the performers did not seem really interested in being there, which was obvious and disappointing. The story line was completely an afterthought in the development of this production. The singing was mediocre at best and very non-inspirational. The dancing was coordinated well but distracting at the same time. Thank goodness we received these tickets for free from a client… or I would have asked for my money back.

1.0 star rating Yorkie Fan from Providence, Rhode Island


My family and I have seen no less than 10 Cirque shows, and typically they are nothing less than fantastic, without question. This show however, was hardly memorable, and obvious to us that the composition of the artists were not to the levels that we have come to expect. Many of the acts dropped their props, timing was off, and the list goes on. We all agreed that perhaps the producers utilized only those artists who simply needed stage time, and those who were hopelessly mediocre. In addition, we battled late seating guests by the PPAC who insisted to seat folks while the show was going on, and not to wait inbetween acts, which we found distracting, and rather rude. Then the members of the PPAC marched in the aisles with signs when the spotted folks with their masks either off or in an incorrect position. They waved their paddles throughout the show, up and down the aisle as they spotted the offenders. This was also very distracting. Overall, the show and PPAC receive a thumbs down.

1.0 star rating Shane burkes from Knoxville, Tennessee


I have brought my daughter to see this show. I’ve seen allegria many times. Full stage high ceilings for the fantastic performance. I come to Knoxville civic auditorium, walk into a stage that is basically like my 5 year old ballet performance of narnia. Actually I think her venue was bigger. As I sit here waiting for the show to start, I know my daughter will be thrilled but I am already under whelmed and I will definitely come back after the show… hopefully stand corrected in my initial review. But as of now, I am disappointed. I don’t even think this is a full cirque show. This is so disappointing and I’ve not even begun to watch the show ….

1.0 star rating Martha from Wallingford Ct


I appeared to be at best at the level of a high school talent show...from one act to connectivity...performers needed to encourage audience to applaud...if the performance was applause worthy, we would have applauded...I turned to my friend and said" I feel like we're being punked! DISAPPOINTED!

1.0 star rating Ryan from Washington, District of Columbia


This was not a show. There were independent acts that did not relate to each other and there was little to no Christmas music. We left at the intermission because it was so disorganized. Do not waste your money or time to see this show. We watched at the MGM in Maryland.

1.0 star rating Melissa from Houston, Texas


The performers tried hard but it looked like something you would see from a high school group, and the music was so loud it drowned out the singers. Hard to believe they charged so much for that quality of show.

1.0 star rating Victor Both from Fort Myers, Florida


This show should not be called cirque. Misleading. There were a few, or maybe one, impressive maneuvers but other than that this show should be at midday when the toddlers can come see it. And they would hate it too. Juvenile performance.. singing and dancing is a joke. Save your money and time.

1.0 star rating Elizabeth Thornton from Fountain Hills Az


Really baad and boring. People running around. Lots of hee hee and ha ha. Lots of kids saying that they were "bored". People were gigling hysterically. Yesssir. Never again :(

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